Our Approach

At Big Air O2 Ltd, we know that you work hard year-round and we believe that you deserve to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will deliver the best oxygen equipment in the industry right to your door!

Our Story

Big Air O2 Ltd launched in Spring of 2016. The owner, Jordan, had spent several years working in the oxygen industry and noticed that no one was fulfilling the need for oxygen delivery that included friendly, knowledgeable customer service and prompt delivery of modern, high quality equipment that is designed to function properly at high altitude.

Jordan set out to build a company around the needs and wants of the clientelle, raising the bar for oxygen delivery service in the high country.

Meet the owner

Jordan's training in superior customer service from Fortune 500 hospitality companies, combined with her years of working in the recreational oxygen industry allows Big Air O2 Ltd to raise the standard for the oxygen industry in the high country.

Jordan sullivan


Jordan has an entreprenureal background and a penchant for customer service. She has a love for mountain life and takes any chance she can get out into nature with her friends and dog to enjoy what the mountains have to offer, no matter the season.

Jordan strives to support fellow small business owners whenever possible. She is a firm believer in community over competition and succeeding by doing what is best for your clients. Helping small businesses to succeed is important for the community and realization of individuals' dreams. If you are a small business owner, please get in touch so we can talk about how to support one-another!

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